14 March 2007


King Street is like Main Street in Newtown and the area is best known for food. Most of it Asian. It reminds me of Astoria, except it's Thai instead of Greek, and it's less dense, meaning not much tops two or three stories. So, this is where I go to eat in, take out, catch the bus or walk to class. My 'hood -

Speaking of class, here's the Architecture building on campus, very solid looking if I do say so myself. All of my classes are here, stuffed into little corners of the building between faculty offices and undergraduate messes. Nothing against the undergraduates of course.

Sadly, I don't have any photos to show you of the girls who spent an entire day last weekend on a blow-up mattress wearing tiaras, on the Village Green, directly in front of my apartment. Maybe next time.

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tomo said...

glad to see you're having a good time in australia. i'm still waiting on my replies from grad school, i'm assuming they'll start rolling in over the next few weeks.

how is the thai food there?