16 September 2007

Live Green

Live Green - An event for your future...
Victoria Park (University of Sydney)

Mariana's Toyota Prius is ranked number one for performance on the government's Green Vehicle Guide!


See, environmentalists can be cool, says the Johnny Depp look-alike running the solar powered sound system.
That's hot.

Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb

After the breathalyzer, metal detector and near strip search (no joke!), Carrie and I clipped ourselves to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and spent the next hour or so climbing up through the structure to walk on top of the upper arch and then tumble back down the stairs to the store where you can spend any money you might have left on photos of yourself.

It was an amazing experience. Don't let me fool you.
Click here for their official website.

Special thanks to the Rose Bay Rotary Club who were extremely generous and gifted the BridgeClimb to me as their Ambassadorial Scholar for the year!