01 October 2007

Canberra in September

Arriving a day early for the Rotary 9750 District Conference gave me a bit of time to wander around the city and take some photos:

The Australian Academy of Science in Canberra built as their first home the Shine Dome, completed in 1959 and designed by Melbourne firm Grounds, Romberg and Boyd. Go to the AAS website here to read more.

The New Parliament House (completed 1988) sits slightly uphill to the Old Parliament House (completed 1927), which was built as a provisional building meant to hold government for approximately 50 years. The city of Canberra was specially planned (by an American!) and constructed as the Australian capital due to an intense rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has the most severe water restrictions of any Australian state.

Entry to the New Parliament House on the right.

Rooftop cafe

by Italian artist George Baldesin (1929-1978);
National Gallery of Australia in Canberra

Sydney Swans 141 - Hawthorn Hawks 69

02 September 2007
Aussie Stadium

Special thanks to Dudley at Randwick Rotary Club for the tickets to the game!

The Army Red Berets Parachute Team were responsible for delivering the ball to start the game. In style.

The one time I didn't wear my bright red jacket to the Stadium...

Proving a combination of proximity and camera zoom ability!

Sydney Fish Market

What Brunch is Really About

This is for my friend and fellow dog-lover UB.

Cafe Morso
Lower Deck (West side)
Jones Bay Wharf
Pirrama Road, Pyrmont
NSW 2009