19 August 2007

Darwin Day 1 - Sunset Cruise

Julie and I decided to go to Darwin while I was here visiting. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and the architecture of the city is quite modern because 90% of the city was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy in the 70's.

On our first day in the city, we arrived early afternoon, checked in at the hostel, went to the Visitor's Center and the office of Troppo Architects - we then went on a sunset cruise around Darwin Harbor. We finished the day with dinner of Barramundi (local catch) and Kangaroo steak at Shennanigan's in town~

Best airplane food, ever! We were on a leg of an international Qantas flight to India~
I think I may have inherited my father's predilection for liking sunset photos... :)
The day ended quite beautifully~
And there's always another friendly tourist around to take your photo... :)

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