19 August 2007

Carrie's in Sydney - Act II

I arrived in Sydney at 6:30 am (ew!) and stayed up the rest of the day to re-set my internal clock to the local time zone (14 hours different from home). I went to bed at 8pm, got up the next morning and didn't have any trouble with jet lag. :)

My first picture of the Sydney Opera House... :)
The Opera House is fun to photograph because it looks different from every angle~

My first weekend in Sydney, Julie and I went on a walking tour of the city - the CBD (Central Business District) isn't too big. We walked through campus, Chinatown, Darling Harbor to the Circular Quay. We then walked from Circular Quay through the botanical gardens, Hyde Park and the shopping district.

The bats sleep during the day in the Botanical Gardens - they are fun to watch moving around while they sleep high above in the trees~

The reflecting pool at Hyde Park is a popular hang-out spot for skateboarders~

While Julie sat in class all day, I went to the zoo~ As chance might have it, Nina (a friend from WMU Dance Dept.) was also in Sydney! We enjoyed the zoo together and were lucky that it didn't start raining until we were back in the city. Thanks for the tea & dessert, Nina!

The giraffes have quite a spectacular view of Sydney~

The Koalas sleep a lot, probably to avoid spending too much time around tourists like us... :)

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