19 July 2007

Nouméa Day 1 - City Center

View of the city from near the Auberge de Jeunesse.

Place des Cocotiers (Coconut Square) where you'll find the red-roofed rotunda, la fontaine Céleste (an old fountain from 1892), and most importantly, the Office of Tourism for friendly and helpful advice!

Port Moselle marina near the Market

At the Market

Market Café for breakfast

American Memorial
The USA set up a military base here during World War II and arrived with 40,000 troops in 1942.

Lanterns for the Bastille Day march that evening

Mwâ Ka – a 12 meter high totem pole, meaning the house of mankind. The eight sections of carvings represent the eight regions of New Caledonia. The Kanak community created it to commemorate 24 September, the anniversary of the French annexation of New Caledonia in 1853.

Boulangerie Marais - do not miss this place if you make it to Nouméa!

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