08 June 2007

June 5 - World Environment Day

For my part, I made a presentation to the Turramurra Rotary Club on June 5th and spoke about the environmental movement in the building industry. The club members were very interested in the current architectural trend toward sustainability and I hope they support it when possible!

For more information on World Environment Day, an initiative started by the United Nations, follow the link below.
United Nations Environment Programme: World Environment Day

Additional links to websites with pertinent information in climate change, potential effects and what you can do:
World Health Organization
G8 Summit 2007
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas
Friends of the Earth

And in honor of the UN and other international bodies, like the G8 Summit currently meeting in Germany, that attempt to gain support in the area of climate change, I thought you may enjoy this cartoon:

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